We have finally created a Client area where users will be able to use subtitle tools in multiple ways as well as save their subtitles and continue editing later. As you can see, we have set the price to a minimum with the expectation that we will have a lot of users who will use this service and therefore we will only pay for the servers and the protection and maintenance of the servers and backup. So when you pay to use this service there will be no refund because the amount is very small.

If you decide to become a user of VIP Client area, it is not allowed to do the following things in the VIP client area, otherwise we have the right to suspend you without refund!

  1. 1. Attempt to hack (upload hacking scripts, server testing and similar things)
  2. 2. Abuse system with massive upload
  3. 3. Abuse system with massive downloads

Please respect this rules and agree with Terms. Thank you and enjoy making subtitles!